Give your B2B company


Collaborate with experts in your industry to gain visibility through podcasts, videos, lives.

Collaborate with renowned experts

Give your company visibility by being the guest expert of your company for a podcast, video or live event with a large audience.

Select from a wide range of formats


Be invited in a podcast on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music etc.


Be the guest of a video broadcast on Youtube, Facebook; LinkedIn etc.


Be mentioned in a publication posted on LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs etc.


Be the host of lives organized on Facebook, LinkedIn etc.


We connect you with expert

We will identify who could be the best expert to put in front your companies and we will connect you.


Schedule a Event

We will schedule a video, podcast or publication when the expert will talk about you and your company positionning.



Based on the mutual Win-Win agreement you will define before the begining of the mission, we will ensure everybody will be winning of this experience.

Some of our experts with a large audience

John Rokie – 30K Youtube

Email & SMS Marketing


John Rokie is an expert in email & sms marketing and has been sharing content on Youtube & Linkedin on the subject to an audience of 30 000 people for 3 years

Emma Averius – 8K Spotify

Marketing & Startup

Emma Averius is an expert in marketing and startup development. She created a podcast on Spotify which has 8,000 monthly listeners.

Robin Pender – 5K LinkedIn

Expert SEO & Copywriting

Robin Pender is also one of our experts ready to collaborate. He has been writing about SEO & Copywrite for 3 years on LinkedIn with over 5000 followers.